MRI scanner
Siemens Sonata 1.5T MR Scanner

CT scanner
Philips Brilliance Big Bore CT Scanner

Dr. Hatch views images at a PACS reading station.

Our Equipment

Siemens Sonata 1.5 T MR Scanner

Philips Brilliance Big Bore 16 Slice CT Scanner

Philips PCR Eleva Computed Radiography Reader

GE AMXIV Plus Portable X-Ray Unit

GE AMX-4 Portable X-Ray Unit

Sonosite 180 Ultrasound

Hewlett-Packard 43805N Faxitron

Shel Labs LI27 25 cubic foot refrigerated incubator

Omega FOB104 4-channel Fiber Optic Thermometry System

PACS system and the 2 reading stations

Mac Pro Xeon 64-bit Workstation